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Working With Us – Our Flexible Design-Build Process

Working With Us – Our Flexible Design-Build Process

At Bend Craftsmen Company, we like to be able to offer flexible options when it comes to the design and pre-construction phase of your project. Depending on the scope of your project and what your budget allows, we can go about this very important process in a few different ways.


Do you already have permit drawings? A rough idea? No clue?

Wherever you are at, we can offer a path to making your project a reality. While we do not have any “in-house” design staff, we do regularly work with several architects and designers to help come up with the design of your project that will work within your budget, inside and out. Or, we are happy to work with the person of your choice. Here are a couple different ways this process usually goes:

  • First, for actual plan design, we can simply refer you to an architect/draftsperson/designer that we regularly work with OR you can work with whomever you choose. Typically, you, the client, would be billed directly by the designer.
  • Secondly, we are happy to incorporate these design fees into our contract with you. We would work with one of our regular architects/draftspersons and Bend Craftsmen Company would handle all the billing done by the designer so you are only writing checks to one person.



For interior design and selections, some of our clients like to work with a designer for this as well, on their own and of their own choosing. Or, we are happy to facilitate this in a few ways…

  • Similarly to the arrangement options with the architect/draftsperson, one option would be to simply refer you to a designer we regularly work with and you would work together to make selections, determine layouts, etc. You, the client would be billed directly by them.
  • Secondly, would be for Bend Craftsmen Company to incorporate these services into our contract with you and we would work with our interior designers in helping you make your selections and determining layouts, etc.
  • Lastly, would be for you to handle making these choices and selections on your own for the most part and we would be able to help you navigate choices, vendors and suppliers, etc. We would charge an hourly rate for design consulting time at a rate of $85/hour.
  • We have regular vendors and trade partners for items such as cabinets, counter-tops and tile, as well as work with several of the local fixture supply houses for plumbing fixtures and appliances.



No matter which path we take on design, it is important that from the very beginning of our working relationship, we work together with all parties involved, including some of the key “trade partners” or sub-contractors, you, the client, Bend Craftsmen Company, the builder, and all design personnel. Getting everyone “around the table” at the beginning is what we like to refer to as the “Integrated Design” approach. This method helps the design and pre-construction phases of the project work in a manner to which goals, priorities, objectives, concerns and budgets, among other things, are known and accounted for from the get go. This naturally leads to moving towards a design and final contract price that works for you, the client, and a construction start and scope of work that is understood and adhered too by all involved.

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