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Second Home Sunriver Sanctuary

Second Home Sunriver Sanctuary

For Oregonians and folks nationwide, Central Oregon getaways have long been sought-after as second homes. With continued travel and tourism booms, many new multi-family housing units have popped up in our region, but perhaps some of the most iconic, existing places, of which are located in the high desert family fairytale landscape of Sunriver, are due for some attention and TLC.

Much has changed in the way of home design and style since many of these condos were first built. Bend Craftsmen Company recently updated a complete condominium in Sunriver and the transformation from a dated getaway to a restorative second home sanctuary took only four short months.

A Serene and Sunny Living Room

Starting with a dated, original rock fireplace and adjoining built in shelving, a modern fireplace surround, media center, custom storage cabinets and reading nook were constructed. For the fireplace surround, a recessed bump out television niche was tailored flush with large format slate tiling, as was the gas fireplace, below. This method eliminates visible pesky wiring and presents a tidy clean finish.

Options are available for electronic cables to be run through a conduit into an adjoining room, or wherever is most convenient. For the right space, this style of bump out can provide much functionality.

Adjacent to the media and fireplace surround bump out, a recessed reading nook atop custom hand crafted storage cabinets was built. All backed with client selected wallpaper, which is seeing a comeback in 2021 along with contrast, geometric patterns and utilizing multiple textures. With a touch of treehouse or forest feel, adjoined to a wall of south facing windows, this cozy daybed alcove is a primo perch for post ski cat naps in Central Oregon’s radiant afternoon sun.

To finish the space and give the gentle feel of separation, texture and contrast, a slatted accent wall was added to mark the transition from home entrance hallway to living room.

Luxury Kitchen & Home Spa Bathrooms

Cabinets, countertops and fixtures were must-do upgrades for both kitchen, ensuite and guest bathroom. Buckskin shaded cabinets and grey vein marble quartz counters were chosen for contrast, durability and a fresh, clean, modern home look. Gooseneck faucets were chosen for elegance and timelessness.

Handmade Chloe subway tile set on a vertical edge was also picked for both kitchen and bathrooms. In the kitchen, some wall space and the backsplash were tiled, which was mixed with some remaining original wood paneling. In the bathrooms, both showers were tiled with an added shampoo box accent for builtin functionality and an extra home spa extravagance.


What ever happened to solid core doors? Outfitted for creating sound separation in each space of this home sanctuary, these clear alder beauties were custom painted to color match the buckskin cabinetry.

Shout-out to Deschutes Window & Door , Rise Painting , Tope Construction LLC , Alpine Glass Company and Christensen Plumbing Solutions for partnering on what turned out to be an exquisite remodel.

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