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Remodel Round Up: Enlivening the Living Space in Bend

Remodel Round Up: Enlivening the Living Space in Bend

With the twenty-first century came the open floor plan concept, in which the kitchen, lounge room and dining space were all spaciously connected. Largely, this has become the new building standard. As such, feng shui between each space is critical. For this Bend kitchen and living room revamp, improvements to flow, energy efficiency and upgrading a dated look were top priorities. All while maintaining the same, open floor plan footprint. 

Through the front door, guests enter a cozy living room, originally lacking in storage, a heating source and space for media. To accommodate these contemporary needs, a custom built-in entertainment center, including a fireplace bump out and mantelpiece surround was designed with aesthetics and room balance as a guide.

Handmade on-site in the Bend Craftsmen Company shop, shelves were built from local coarse grained reclaimed wood and erected on either side of the mantle. Enveloped by glass subway tile, matched from the adjoining kitchen remodel, a modern yet classic gas fireplace was installed. With a progressive venting system to allow flexibility with electrical component placement, this homey central Oregon livingroom blaze glows efficiently all night without fear of overheating the electrical components. And, because nothing sets indoor winter ambiance like hearthside comfort while binge watching your favorite NetFlix series, a media mount was installed to accommodate après ski double features. 

Passing through a framed archway, guests enter the kitchen and dining space. Goals for the kitchen remodel included an updated, clean and modern look, and better functionality in the way of storage space and counter top. 

To update the look, a clean neo-alabaster motif was enlisted. Translucent glass subway tile for the backsplash, matched from the adjoining living room remodel, was chosen to complement quartz countertops and contemporary white cabinets. Lighting and fixtures were refreshed adding LED and fade options. A charming mash-up of rustic and industrial, clear hanging pendant lights were selected to fill space over the bar. These detailed fixtures set off nicely against the clean aesthetic of the kitchen. 

Shout outs to Nelson Tile and Stone, Brian’s Cabinets, A-1 Electrical and Christensen Plumbing Solutions. 

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