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With the twenty-first century came the open floor plan concept, in which the kitchen, lounge room and dining space were all spaciously connected. Largely, this has become the new building standard. As such, feng shui between each space is critical. For this Bend kitchen and living room revamp, improvements to flow, energy efficiency and upgrading a dated look were top priorities. All while maintaining the same, open floor plan footprint.  Through the front door, guests enter a cozy living room, originally lacking in storage, a heating source and space for media. To accommodate these contemporary needs, a custom built-in entertainment center,...

In a family home, the kitchen is often the nucleus for gathering. When its look becomes dated, this can throw off the spirit of the entire household. To keep a vibrant mood in this Sisters dwelling, a contemporary kitchen remodel to modernize color scheme, texture and appliances was commissioned. Using the same footprint, a variety of materials for contrast and depth were chosen.  First, to fully embrace the open floor plan, spatially limiting wing walls were removed. Then, to add warm grounding, a hickory hardwood floor was laid. Next, modern cabinets, dark and light, were installed, complimented by a light quartz...

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