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Remodel Round Up: Enhancing the Entryway in Tumalo

Remodel Round Up: Enhancing the Entryway in Tumalo

Refreshing a home’s entrance is a great way to modernize and update the exterior aesthetic of a house. Afterall, the front door is the gateway to a person’s most personal, cherished and sacred space – one’s home. An entrance motif has the power to set the stage for a person’s experience while visiting, or, a residential experience while habitating. 

Originally, this Tumalo ranch style home had an oversized slider for the entrance with little in the way of detail or depth. For an update, Bend Craftsmen Company used some tried and true rustic design features mixed with a stately flare to create a dramatic yet soothing and homey ambiance. 

Because the home is set on a hill overlooking a meadow, and can be seen as guests approach from the driveway, symmetry, depth and showmanship were all necessary elements to consider. The goal was to welcome visitors into this modern luxury homestead by passing through a marquee of simple natural materials. 

To spruce things up, an extended soffit overhang was built to match existing eaves, stone columns, post and beam with support bracket and a new window detail flanking either side of the door were added. A custom pivot style Mahogany door was chosen as a centerpiece to the symmetrical masonry and window layout. The deep rich rusty color of timber chosen helped set off the other textures and colors of the flanking columns. These design pieces coalesced to create a custom wow factor unique to high desert style and charm. 

As a compliment to home functionality, the overhang shelters the many front windows from harsh morning sunlight, as the entrance is east facing. The added windows make for a gorgeous view of the meadow and skyline in the evening. This reimagined entry is beautiful to look at from the outside and frames an outstanding landscape view (fit for a central Oregon king) from the inside. 

Shout outs to Stalvey Design for the design, Alamar Construction for help in framing and installing, Tuffstone Masonry for the stonework and Elite Painting for the staining and painting. 

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